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Basic Folder Information

Information for Committee Members

This page will be periodically revised to reflect new information for IRB committee members.  As more training resources are developed, this page will link directly to the resources that are relevant to the IRB/CHLA IRB member community.  Please check back often.

The information given below details the items you will find on your personal page when you login to iStar.  It also details the steps necessary to review an iStar submission assigned to the committee.

Personal Folder Elements

  • Top Navigator Bar
    • Your Name: Access/Modify personal contact information. Change password.
    • My Home: Your personal folder (this page).
    • Logoff: Ends your iStar session.
  • My User Roles: Only available if you have more than one user role. Switch to a different user role.
  • My Committees: Quick link to the IRB committees you serve on.
  • Tabbed Area
    • My Inbox: Displays all IRB submissions that you have been assigned to review for the next committee meetings.
    • Designated/Primary Reviews: Lists all of IRB submissions in the system where you have been assigned as primary or designated reviewer.
    • Secondary Reviews: Lists all of IRB submissions in the system where you have been assigned as secondary reviewer.
    • Meetings: Lists upcoming committee meetings.
    • Reports: Currently empty. Will list common reports needed by committee members.


Study Workspace

  • Current State: Indicates where the study is in the IRB review/approval process.
  • View Study: Opens the application smart forms in read-only mode.
  • Printer-Friendly Version: Opens page displaying all applicable sections of the application in a version that will easily print on most printers.
  • My Activities: Displays all available actions you can do at this point
    • Enter Primary/Secondary Reviewers Notes: Records your review. Comments may be typed on the screen or uploaded in a MS Word document. Allows multiple edits.
    • Log Comment: Writes a comment to the study file. All IRB members.
  • Summary View: Displays summary information about the study proposal.
  • History: Log of all actions performed on this study proposal
  • Documents: Quick links to common documents attached to the application
  • Pre Review Status: Indicates status of all required division/department approvals


Steps to review an IRB submission where you are assigned as primary/secondary reviewer

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to (this site).
  2. Login with your username and password.
  3. Open the study from My Inbox by clicking on the name.
  4. In the study workspace, click the View Study icon to open the smart form application.
    - OR -
    Click the Printer Friendly Version icon to open the entire application in a printable version.
  5. Review the study application and attached documents.
  6. Record any comments for you review (can use MS Word).
  7. Exit the application to return to the study workspace.
  8. Click the Enter Primary Reviewers Notes or Enter Secondary Reviewers Notes activity.
  9. Type your review into the comments text box. (Note: you may cut-and-paste your comments from an open MS Word file)
    - OR -
    Upload the saved MS Word file using the Add button in the Attachments section.
  10. Click the OK button to save your review.
  11. If you need to make additional changes to your review, use the Enter Primary Reviewers Notes or Enter Secondary Reviewers Notes activity again. You may edit your review as many times as you wish before the assigned committee meeting.

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